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We are in the business of queer joy.

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Who We Are?

Pink Coconuts is an LGBTQ travel startup building a new travel experience for the queer traveller.

We believe that LGBTQ people should be able to travel everywhere and anywhere with comfort and ease. We believe that travel should be good for self, good for the community and good for the environment. Community is the foundation of everything we do, from our resident Pink Coconuts guests, to our local queer communities and supportive global partners.

We believe travel and movement is at the centre of true community. 2020 dealt us a tough hand and now we need authentic connection more than ever.  Whether you’re just looking for friendships, serious relationships, maybe you’re a committed couple that needs a double date or just a hot date to tell you how cute you really are.  We believe that if you really want to meet people and form bonds, you miiiight have to be intentional about it.

We’re committed to you making connections while you’re with us. We’re playing matchmaker behind the scenes so you remember what it’s like to feel heard, seen and accepted again.

Yeah, you can get off those apps now.

Our Founder

Donnya 'Zi' Piggott Co-founder, CEO (he/they/she)

Donnya (Zi) is the co-founder and CEO of Pink Coconuts. Zi is a Barbados-born LGBTQ Advocate and former Executive Director, travel entrepreneur and UX/UI designer.

Zi is eager to use innovative travel to create queer joy across borders. Zi is also a celebrated public speaker that has spoken at forums like TEDx, Heineken's National Conference, UK Black Pride, Human Rights Campaign and The Economist in New York.

In the Press

Pink Coconuts for Good

Local LGBTQ community groups receive $10 USD per booking that goes towards improving the lives and advancing the rights of LGBTQ people.

We're proud supporters of Trans Queer Fund Kenya.

Support Trans Queer Fund Kenya

Black Lives Matter.

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