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Frequently asked questions

What is a Pink Coconuts Summer Connect?

Summer Connect is our Pink Coconuts flagship product where we bring together LGBTQ womyn and Non-binary folks together for a 3 night/4 day weekend of fun, quick dating, connections and community at a 4 star hotel with events and many goodies along the way.

Why is there an application?

We’re building a community of like minded individuals. We believe in inclusion, diversity and community and want to ensure that you and everyone in the community feels included and comfortable.

What’s the cost of a Summer Connect?

Summer Connect and other Pink Coconuts packages start at $775 +tax and can go anywhere up $3000 +tax depending on the length of stay and the destination. We have something for every member of the community.

We're a couple, and a group of friends, are only singles allowed?

While singles are making the most out of Summer Connect, we’re making connections for everyone, double dates and groups included.

Is Pink Coconuts available in other destinations?

Pink Coconuts Connect packages are available in seasons and next season we’re on track to head to...

Why start with Miami?

Sun, sea and sand bring good vibes and is a beautiful tropical space that makes you feel optimistic and open up a bit. Those are perfect conditions to have an amazing vacation or to meet some life changing connections.

So, how are these connectios made?

With lots of research, a compatibility expert and the information you've provided to us we pulled together a method of finding who we think is the right fit for you to meet up with. We invite you to (3 to 5) 15 minute quick meets, after which you tell us your initial thoughts. Once all is good - We then find a good time for you both (or all of you) and set up an activity that you can do together and BOOM...

For more information email us at hello@pinkcoconuts.com

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