asked questions

What is a Pink Coconuts Summer Residence?

A summer residence is a fully furnished home with all the amenities, bills and expenses covered with a dedicated travel desk, community events and many goodies along the way.

Why is there an application?

We’re building a community of like minded creatives, entrepreneurs, techies, artists and the WFH (work from home) crew. We believe in inclusion and community and want to ensure that you and everyone in the community feels included and comfortable.

What’s the cost of a Summer Residence?

Summer Residences start at $4000 and can go anywhere up $20,000 depending on the length of stay.

Are only queer/LGBTQ people allowed?

We’re optimising for queer comfort, so queer allies and loved ones are absolutely welcomed.

Is Pink Coconuts available in other destinations?

Pink Coconuts Summer Residences are available in seasons and next season we’re on track to head to...

Why Barbados?

Barbados is a beautiful tropical island actively working towards LGBTQ inclusion and a digital transformation while optimising for remote workers.

Is Barbados welcoming?

We’re pretty careful about generalising or labelling any country or society as homophobic. We believe that queer comfort, luxury and community often exists in close proximity its opposite and many factors are at play to determine this. Pink Coconuts envisions a travel industry that has a direct impact on the lives of local LGBTQ communities. Thus creating queer joy for everyone

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